Tips to keep your Uber account secure

Uber accounts hacked/John Perry-KEYE-TV

Stolen Uber accounts are now worth more than stolen credit card accounts, according to a newly-released report by security company Trend Micro.

"I just got to Austin yesterday and I think I've used Uber at least 6 times since then," said Jessica Beinecke.

Beinecke is visiting from New York and said she always uses Uber when she travels to new cities.

"It's totally revolutionized how I travel," she said.

She said she feels safe using the ridesharing service, but she may have reason to be concerned when it comes to her account information.

"A username and password is not a terribly secure way to protect your identity," Sean McCleskey said.

McCleskey is a retired U.S. Secret Service member and is the program coordinator at The University of Texas at Austin Center for Identity.

He said there are two main reasons accounts from companies like Uber, Facebook and Netflix are targeted.

"People usually use the same password for a variety of different accounts," McCleskey said.

He said using the same username and password for multiple accounts makes it easy for cybercriminals to hack your accounts.

Another reason: many people do not monitor their bills.

"People don't monitor their accounts very often," he said. "By the time that they are aware that something happened it's too late."

In some cases, accounts are used for free rides known as "ghost rides."

"That's happen to my friend before, she was like 'Oh my God, somebody just used my account a few counties away,'" Beinecke said.

McClenskey said in addition to creating a secure password and monitoring charges on your account, it's also a good idea to limit what information you put on social media.

"If you say 'what is your high school mascot?' and you put on there you went to a certain high school, I can go on there and find out pretty quickly, so that question is probably not a good question," he said.

Uber responded to requests for comment with a statement:

Our security teams are laser focused on protecting the integrity of our community's Uber accounts. We use technical measures to detect any issues and are always enhancing the measures we deploy to protect our users' accounts. We also encourage all of our users to choose strong and unique usernames and passwords and to avoid reusing the same credentials across multiple sites and services.
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