Tiny dog is talon-marked but alive after hawk drops in on him for a snack

Battle-scarred pup recovers after run-in with a hawk. (Photo: CBS Austin)

AUSTIN, Texas (KEYE) - At only four weeks old and weighing less than a pound he's a handful but not much more. Meet Tony Hawk.

Tony is a tiny Chihuahua pup recovering from a run-in with a hawk, and he has the talon marks on his face to prove it. "We had to name him,” says Renee Keyes, Tony’s foster mom. “My youngest son actually named him that. I thought it was ingenious."

Keyes says, “He's tiny so you can easily see why he might be mistaken for a rat and prey." She wasn't there when it happened, but from what she's pieced together about Tony's adventure she's just happy he's in one piece. “From what I heard he was picked up by a hawk and then I guess the person who saw it happened screamed or yelled and he was dropped in midair," she says.

Tony looks way better now than he did when he was taken to the emergency clinic. Right after the attack he had some puncture wounds on his head and in his ear and one on his chest, but luckily no broken bones and his wounds are now healing up nicely.

Keyes says nobody came forward to claim Tony. They didn't know where he belonged so he ended up at Austin Animal Center and that's how she came to get him as a foster baby. Keyes started volunteering at Austin Animal Center as a dog walker and then got into fostering both kittens and puppies.

Jennifer Olohan, communications director for Austin Animal Center says its foster volunteers provide a very important service. “Puppies in particular, little babies and kittens are susceptible to disease because they don't have all of their vaccinations quite yet, so getting them out of the shelter into a home is really important," she says.

And that's the plan for Tony Hawk. He'll will be available for adoption in another four weeks.

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