That $200 voucher for H-E-B you've seen on Facebook is fake

A $200 voucher for H-E-B seen on Facebook is fake, the company confirmed on Friday. (Graphic: Facebook screenshot)

If you've seen a promotion on social media for H-E-B that seems too good to be true, is.

The voucher making the rounds on Facebook promotion claims to offer $200 to 1,000 people to celebrate the grocery chain's birthday.

The post reads "Here at HEB we appreciate our customers. That's why we decided to giveaway 1000 Gift Vouchers (200$ each) for free! All you need to do is give us your email to send it, and answer a few questions. So, hurry up!"

When you click on the post, you're taken to, a fake site made to mimic the grocer's real website. However, the text is riddled with typos, there are paragraphs of nonsense about air conditioning, the contact phone number uses the fake "555" exchange, and pictures of the stores have fingers partially blocking the camera lens.

The site asks for your name, email, and a message.

On Facebook, H-E-B confirmed this promotion is a fake, responding to CBS Austin with the following message:

Thank you for inquiring about the $200.00 H-E-B Voucher on Facebook. This is a fraudulent offer and is not affiliated with or endorsed by H-E-B. You can find all of our current offers at
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