Texas makes searching for unclaimed property easier with updated website

It's now even easier to find unclaimed property in Texas, thanks to a redesigned website. (Photo: MGN Online)

Now it's even easier to find unclaimed money you may have coming your way in Texas.

The Unclaimed Property Division at the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts has unveiled a new website at

There you can search for any unclaimed bank accounts, court deposits, bill over-payments or other assets that you may have forgotten about that can be returned to you.

Since 1963, Texas has required institutions, businesses and governmental entities to report to the state any personal property that has been unclaimed for up to five years, depending on the property in question.

There is no statute of limitations for unclaimed property--funds reported to the state will remain there indefinitely until returned to their rightful owner.

Click here to see if you have any unclaimed assets you can recover.

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