Texas investigator says LAPD overlooked one suspect in OJ investigation

Private Investigator William Dear believes he's got the evidence needed to solve the infamous murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. (Photo: CBS AUSTIN)

In the tiny Texas town of Mt. Calm, private investigator William Dear is stirring up a storm of evidence in one of America’s most notorious murders.

“My quest now and has always been in this case is to see justice,” Dear said.

In a giant warehouse on an eccentric ranch 1,498 miles from the crime scene, Dear’s quest is organized, cataloged and carefully thought out.

“This is my crime lab,” Dear said as he opened the warehouse door. “This is what we accumulated in the OJ Simpson investigation.”

Almost every inch of the warehouse contains evidence pointing to what Dear calls “the one” overlooked suspect in the deaths of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

“Which happens to be OJ Simpson’s son, Jason Lamar Simpson,” Dear said.

In the middle of the warehouse is a dark green Jeep with the top off. Dear says the Jeep belonged to Jason Simpson.

“We watched it for a period of time after the murders where he put it into storage hiding it and then he sold it to a friend and we had a friend of ours buy it,” Dear said.

He’s been begging the Los Angeles Police Department to collect DNA samples from it and investigate it ever since.

Then Dear walked over to a box.

“What’s in this box contains the most crucial piece of evidence that we needed in this investigation and that to us is the murder weapon,” Dear said.

He says he obtained a box in Jason Simpson’s storage facility in LA when it went up for auction because of lack of payment.

“And in that box, at the bottom of it was this knife,” Dear pulled out a double-edged knife. “A replica of a Gerber Mark 5 (I) designed for one purpose and one purpose only and that’s to cut and to kill.”

Dear then explained why this could be the murder weapon.

“You can see the top of this survival knife has been removed,” Dear said. “It matches the lacerations on top of Nicole Simpson’s skull. As far as we’re concerned and some of the top metal experts in the country this is the murder weapon and LAPD wasn’t a bit interested.”

He says Jason Simpson was enraged the night of the murders because Nicole Brown Simpson canceled dinner reservations at the last minute at the restaurant where Jason, a chef, was going to prepare a meal for the family.

“If you have a son whose 24, 5-11, 235 and on probation for assaulting his previous employer with a knife, who's been in a psychiatric unit, who was taking Depakote to control his rage disorder, who had attacked two women and you don’t interview him,” Dear said. “That’s a sad miscarriage of justice.”

And then there is the black knit cap.

“This kind of cap was found at the crime scene and it contained hair from an animal and hair that was not OJ Simpson’s,” Dear said. “But when you look at this picture up there, there is Jason Lamar Simpson up there wrestling with his dog, similar cap if not the exact same cap found at the crime.”

Dear says the LAPD won’t test the hair follicles in the cap and compare them to Jason Simpson’s DNA.

From Jason Simpson’s diaries to boxes and boxes of evidence, Dear is pleading with detectives just to take another look.

Some people may say Dear is on a crazy, delusional mission down a rabbit hole. But Dear has an answer for people who question his credibility.

“I’ve been inducted into the police officers hall of fame as a private investigator,” Dear said. “One of the only ones who’s been inducted. I’m pro policeman. This is my nickel. I spent the money. Nobody’s paid me. Nobody’s coerced me in any way whatsoever. I have nothing to gain other than the fact that I’m trying to bring truth which nobody got a chance to see during the trial.”

Dear says he’ll continue to go down this road collecting evidence and prodding the LAPD to look at OJ’s son.

“They want me to go away,” Dear said. “I’m not going away. I’ve been here for 23 years and I’m going to go until the day I die.”

And he wants to send a message to Jason Simpson.

“Look him straight in the eye and tell him, ‘You ruined your dad’s life, you’ve ruined yours. Finally, man up to what you’ve done so that you can live with yourself,’” Dear said.

CBS Austin News reached out to the LAPD for comment on Dear’s independent investigation and said it’s considering a response.

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