Teen survives 50-foot fall after trying to take bridge selfie

    Teen falls off bridge (Photo via KTVK / CNN Newsource)

    A teen who survived falling nearly 50 feet after trying to take a selfie along a bridge in Dallas is warning others to avoid the dangerous practice.

    Triston Bailey, 18, spoke to media outlets in Dallas about his ordeal which started when he fell off a bridge along Interstate 30 in Dallas in November.

    "I was going over the concrete barriers and they heard me exclaim. They thought I was joking and that I was trying to mess with them that I fell," Bailey told FOX4. Bailey and his friends were apparently trying to get that perfect selfie with the Dallas skyline in the background.

    He fell about 50 feet and landed on the ground below.

    Doctors said it's a miracle Bailey didn't snap his neck. He suffered bruised lungs, a fractured pelvis and several injuries to his spleen, but he made a full recovery.

    Bailey is now urging others to avoid taking selfies in dangerous places.

    "If I see another person on I-30 about to take a picture, I just stop on the side like, ‘Hey, it's not a good idea,'" he said.

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