Summer 2018 is Austin's third hottest in 120 years


It's no question that it has felt like a very hot summer in Austin. The numbers back this up, with many daily records (and one all-time record) falling victim to the scorching heat over the last three months.

Summer runs from June 1st through August 31st. Here is how the numbers stack up so far through August 22nd, 2018.

With an average temperature (morning low and afternoon highs each day combined) of 87.4 degrees, summer 2018 is the third hottest ever. The other 4 hottest summer season records all occurred within the last 20 years. Record keeping dates back to the late 1890s.

  1. 2011 (89.5)
  2. 2009 (88.4)
  3. 2018 (87.4)
  4. 2008 (86.7)
  5. 1998 (86.7)

Stats for each individual month are just as impressive. This June was the 4th hottest ever, July was the 7th hottest, and August so far is 5th hottest (likely to be 4th hottest if the current forecast pans out). Here are some of the daily record high temperatures tied or broken so far this summer at Camp Mabry.

  • June 2nd: 101
  • June 3rd: 100
  • July 1st: 104
  • July 3rd: 103
  • July 21st: 104
  • July 22nd: 106
  • July 23rd: 110 (2 degrees shy of all-time record; 112 in 2011)

In addition to these daily high temperature records, we also set an ALL-TIME warmest low temperature record. On July 24th, the temp never got below 84 degrees. That's the warmest of low temp of the last 44,185 days.

So far this summer, we've seen 43 days of triple digit heat, which is already the 6th most in Austin's history. We have a good chance of hitting 100 or higher each day through the end of August. If that pans out, we will have more than 50 triple-digit days under our belts, the 5th most ever. The highest number of triple digit days in a year occurred in the brutal summer of 2011 when we had 90 days of 100+ heat.

To put that into perspective, we have averaged only 25 triple digit days per year over the last 30 years, and that average continues to climb. Keep track of the heat here with daily updates to the forecast ->

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