Student paints sexual assault claim on Austin school

(Photo courtesy: Anonymous)

A student painted sexual assault claims on an Austin school Monday morning. The message was spray painted on Austin High School in downtown.

AISD said they are investigating the act of vandalism but APD is in charge of investigating the sexual assault claims.

When AHS students arrived on campus Monday they found a large part of the building spray painted in with a message in black. The message read, “Loyal to the rapists and not the victims. This school tells rapists to keep their head low while they tell the victims, ‘sucks you got screwed...’”

By the afternoon the spray paint had been washed off of the wall. Students leaving school told CBS Austin they knew exactly what the message was about and that multiple students have been struggling with this same issue on campus. The message also implied that at least one educator was made aware of the sexual assault allegation and did nothing to help. The graffiti went as far as to name a student and a teacher.

Even though the district said they’re only investigating the act of vandalism, CBS Austin asked if they’re at all looking into the claim that a teacher knew about this. Austin ISD said more information was not immediately available.

APD said their child abuse unit did investigate the allegation of sexual assault and that case is now closed. The police department said the specifics of the case would remain confidential since it involves a minor.

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