Steroid shots can provide some cedar allergy relief

Photo: CBS Austin

Thousands of Central Texans are suffering from sneezing, runny noses and itchy, watery eyes. However taking an over-the-counter allergy pill isn’t your only defense.

This year, cedar season came on faster and stronger than in years past. If you’re not sure you can survive the next two months without medical attention, a steroid shot could help.

FastMed Urgent Care physician’s assistant Van Tran treated several patients suffering from cedar allergies on Christmas Eve.

”Cedar season has been pretty active this year,” she says.

Tran says often people can’t tell if they’re fighting an actual virus or just pollen in the air.

“Sometimes with a cold or flu you can have a fever but typically with cedar fever you don't,” she explains.

Tran says, for a quick fix a steroid shot can provide relief.

“We do have patients who get the steroid shot and feel better, but it's more of a symptomatic treatment for that patient,” she adds.

Currently no medical studies show steroid shots as proven treatment for severe allergy sufferers. However for some people it gets the job done.

“Steroids in general are an anti-inflammatory, so it decreases your body's immune response to certain things. It also decreases swelling and inflammation, so in that sense it might help the symptoms feel clearer from sinus congestion,” Tran explains.

Other Cedar allergy advice includes:

keep vehicle and home windows closed so the pollen stays out

wash your hands often

change your clothes after spending several hours outdoors

shower and wash your hair before bed

bathe indoor pets frequently

wear a dust mask

take an over the counter allergy pill or nasal spray

Steroid shots aren't the solution to everybody's allergies, so be sure to consult a doctor about what will work for you.

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