Security tight for WilCo private show in wake of Las Vegas shootings

Steve Deaton is Commander of Special Operations for the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office. Right now Deaton finds himself organizing security for an outdoor concert coming soon to Williamson County. (CBS Austin)

Security promises to be tight this month when country music superstar Dierks Bentley performs in Williamson County. The show will come just two weeks after a sniper shot up a country music festival in Las Vegas.

You wouldn't think a quiet place like Georgetown would be all that worried about something like snipers. But after what happened in Las Vegas this week local authorities want to make sure that they have the high ground.

In Las Vegas the high ground belonged to a heavily armed sniper. And in addition to the people he shot, many were injured trying to squeeze out the same door they came in. Steve Deaton is commander of special operations for the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office. He’s seen this kind of stampede play out before. “In law enforcement we call it the fatal funnel,” he says. “You know everyone gets stuck in a doorway where a bad guy has one way he can shoot and almost guarantee he's going to hit somebody."

Right now Deaton finds himself organizing security for an outdoor concert coming soon to Williamson County. He explains, “Apparently one of the residents of the county right on the border of Austin won a contest which involves a concert featuring Dierks Bentley singing a few songs."

It's a private show but the winner may have invited a couple of thousand friends. And where we see crowds a bad guy might see a target. So traffic into the neighborhood will be restricted much like Austin shuts down streets for SXSW or presidential motorcades. Deaton says, “That's kind of a standard procedure now especially with terrorists going to these vehicles to run into crowds."

Deaton says the sheriff's office plans to control any high ground at this show with snipers at the ready. “That was going to take place regardless,” he says. “We already had that plan in place just because in an event in a neighborhood like that you have to."

The sheriff's office is prepared for all the known risks. Now they’re trying their best to be ready for the unknown.

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