Security expert: Feds on alert after Monday's package bombings in Austin

A local security expert says Monday’s explosions are a game changer in the investigation on the first explosion. (CBS Austin)

A local security expert says Monday’s explosions are a game changer in the investigation on the first explosion two weeks ago.

The chief security officer for Stratfor has investigated multiple bombings in his career. After the first explosion in Austin on March 2, he said there could be more coming.

“Now it becomes a race against time to figure out who the heck is the bomb maker, and let’s hope this is the only one that he or she has decided to send,” Fred Burton said on March 2.

Burton said the successful explosion meant that the bomb maker had likely made more. Ten days later, there were two more explosions that Austin Police say may be related.

“Huge game changer,” Burton said Monday.

Burton said after two more explosions, it’s now gotten the attention of more people in Washington, D.C.

“Now you have woken up Washington, D.C., you have woken up ATF and FBI headquarters, you have woken up the intelligence community, big DHS, you have a large scale special event here,” Burton said.

Burton said there will be a lot more resources devoted to the case. He also said before Monday, forensics testing may have been waiting for other more important cases. He says now forensics testing in this case go to the front of the line.

“I guarantee you there’s probably no more urgent bombing investigation underway inside the United States,” Burton said.

Burton said investigators can learn a lot from analyzing bomb fragments. He said each bomb maker has a very unique signature, and if all three are related, they now have a lot of evidence to work with.

“At times you’ll find fragmented handwriting analysis where it’s addressed,” Burton said.

Burton said he’s confident this possible bomb maker will be caught or killed. He also said more bombings could be coming.

“The system is in the favor of law enforcement but it becomes a race against time to find the bomber before he strikes again now that he’s set so many,” Burton said.

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