Search continues for survivors from flooding in Junction

The search for four people missing after a recreational vehicle park was overrun by raging floodwaters from a West Texas river includes a helicopter, drone and rescuers in who are in boats and walking the riverbanks. (CBS Austin)

The search for survivors from Monday's flooding in Junction now extends down the Llano River to the Mason County line. And searchers are not giving up on their hopes of finding more survivors.

Wednesday in Junction search crews brought in heavy machinery to dig through the waterfront of the RV park that was hit Monday. And we do mean dig. Much of the debris is buried in heavy silt. And now the search is expanding down river. Logan Scherschel with the Texas A&M Forest Service says, “We've also brought in a couple of canine units as well as some ground personnel to walk up and down the river and help search for these people."

They are also searching the river itself. Scherschel says, “We have boats that are going up and down the river as well as a helicopter and drown that are flying over the river trying to get an idea of where people could be that still need rescued."

Yes, rescued. The search mission for all those involved here is still to find the missing four people alive. Scherschel adds, “We are taking every tip that we get very seriously, investing the search crews and just documenting what's out there that could lead us to finding some of the people that are missing."

As the water recedes searchers are now hoping to enlist the help of property owners along the Llano River. Property owners are now going out to survey their flood damage. Searchers ask if they see anything that needs investigation to please call their local sheriff.

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