Savvy sellers share the secrets to selling online

Want to sell something online? We've got tips on how to make the most from your sale (Photo: CBS Austin)

Garage sales are going virtual and it's millennials fueling sales, making it easier than ever to make money online.

"I know I can strip it, sand it, stain it and seal it and it will look brand new," said Anabel de la O.

Anabel puts the power of online sales into her pocket.

"It can go from zero dollar value because I've picked up items that will say "pick up pieces free", "it's on the curb, come and get it". It can turn into a $300 piece," said Anabel.

She started refinishing furniture for her family but quickly gained a following online and repeat customers. An explosion of apps means garage sales are going virtual with Poshmark for name-brand clothing, Shpock sells only beautiful things, Next Door, Offer Up, Let Go and VarageSale are all popular.

"Instead of spending your whole day at garage sales, community sales, estate sales, to just look for a particular's available and you go and pick it up," said Anabel who launched the business Vintage Bonita on Facebook.

Online thrift store, Thred Up found millennials fueling the second hand market motivated by eco-conscious convictions and they're searching apps and resale sites like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist for specific items.

"I think there is a buyer out there for almost anything," said Jake Wright.

Jake has sold everything from bicycles to bouquets, handmade by his wife for their wedding.

"I think we made a $100," said Jake.

For all the weird and wonderful things, the dealers at Uncommon Objects in Austin know the art of appreciation.

"When you come in, it's an experience. To where you walk away and you're like wow that was amazing," said Connor Sharp.

Sharp curates the Instagram posts that reach more than 64,000 followers.

"There's not really like a Kelly Blue Book value on a lot of these things," he said.

The Instagram posts often convert fans to customers.

So what are the secrets of these savvy sellers?

"People tend to muddy the water with a post and put in non-pertinent information and a bunch of stuff. We try to keep it precise. A clean, artistic photo of the item and a few words to describe it and usually the item speaks for itself," said Sharp.

Do your research on price and popularity. Anabel says neutral colors sell best.

"Just like a realtor does an analysis of the market, you want to do the same thing," she said.

Searchability is key. Refresh your post on every site and be patient.

"I think to exhaust all your resources is the way to go," said Jake.

If the item has a story, tell it.

"People are very interested in how old it is or where it came from," said Anabel.

Taxidermy, tramp art, furniture and even old medical supplies are trending items but you may have a hidden gem that is just a click away from being sold.

"You're never going to know if someone wants to buy it until you put it out there," said Sharp.

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