Round Rock July 4th parade honors Gold Star families

Kim Yarbrough honors her son at the Round Rock July 4th parade. Her son, Barry Mayo, was killed in action in 2007. (Photo: CBS Austin)

Amid the fancy cars, balloons and candy, 17 Gold Star families walked the Round Rock July 4th parade.

When several corvettes carrying Gold Star families walked by, crowds didn’t cheer. They clapped in honor of their sacrifice.

“Just to know still that people have that much respect and honor and humbleness and recognition for our family member,” Kim Yarbrough said. “ is just so humbling and emotionally gratifying.”

Yarbrough’s son was killed in action in 2007. She says it’s been emotionally overwhelming at times. This parade is a way for her to honor her son.

“It’s just important that everybody knows the sacrifice he made,” Yarbrough said.

Those in the crowds say it was powerful seeing them walk by.

“That kind of evoked a lot of emotion, there was a lot, a lot of names. More than you wish to see,” Hillary Dedear said.

Dedear said she wanted to thank all the service members and she appreciates their sacrifice.

“It really brings it home that we are celebrating our freedom and a lot of and some gave all for our freedom and so it reminds you of that. While we do have all these amazing celebrations to kind of bring back why we’re here and why we can celebrate,” Dedear said.

Yarbrough, who lives in Liberty Hill, said they’re now working to start a local Gold Star chapter. She wants everyone to know what Gold Star means.

“We just really need all the public to be aware of what a gold star family is and what it stands for. And we need to get the word out to everyone everywhere,” Yarbrough said.

She says the mean of July 4th has changed for her since she lost her son. She says she used to take everyday things for granted. Now she fully understands the cost of freedom.

“So to me fourth of July is a very monumental holiday in our history and in our country,” Yarbrough said.

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