Round Rock Becomes Nation's 1st City With Smart Street Lamps

Round Rock has become the first city in the nation to install smart street lamps.{} The lights come equipped with emergency signals and even security cameras.{} KEYE TV got an exclusive demonstration where the new street lights have been installed along Double Creek Drive.{} Round Rock is a test city for the new technology.{} The companies that make them donated more than a hundred LED street lights and neighbors say they already see the difference.

"Living in this area and being part of this wonderful technology it's just unbelievable," said neighbor Maguie Laredo.

Before an emergency vehicle enters Maguie Laredo's neighborhood, she'll know they're coming.

"We definitely feel safer," said Laredo.

In this demonstration, companies PlanLED, Gigatera and Opterra showcase how LED street lights can become emergency warning signals, operated by first responders.

"We're very excited to bring it to the streets. It's great to find a partnership with Round Rock," said PlanLED CEO John Hwang.

The lights themselves are brighter but not intrusive according to neighbors.

"We really feel that we are living in a time that technologies are coming together and not only can we provide visual environment but we can improve the human experience," said Hwang.

New lights were installed at the Round Rock Police Department as well and include security cameras, improving the safety exchange zone at the department too.

"Through this technology now it is well lit, it feels a lot safer and not only that but now we have technology with the cameras set up there as well," said Round Rock Police Chief Allen Banks.

Most of all, it's shedding new light on what the future of city streets could look like.

"The important part is we want to be able to have that light in the shadows. We want people to feel safe and not worry about those shadows," said Chief Banks.

The street lights also have the potential to save the city money in energy and maintenance costs as well.

By Lindsay Liepman

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