Rideshares and CapMetro offering discounts ahead of New Year's Eve celebration

Rideshares and buses are offering a discount for New Year's Eve (Photo: CBS Austin)

As Austin has become a New Year’s Eve destination over the years, Auditorium Shores and bars nearby will be packed with people celebrating the arrival of 2019.

Celebrators have flocked to the city from all over for the festivities Monday night.

“We definitely want to check out the nightlife. We want to look at the fireworks. We want to end the year with a Big Bang tonight,” said Jon Howkins, who visited from Canada.

It’s no secret a major attraction is Austin’s nightlife.

“Meet up with some friends later. There’s a swing dance party we might be going to. Sounds like there’s lots of cool stuff,” said Chloe Van de Voort.

With so many people expected to take part in the festivities, Cap Metro and rideshare services are offering discounts, so people have a safe ride home.

CapMetro is offering free rides from 5 p.m. until end of service New Year’s Eve.

“I’m all about public transit. So if there’s an affordable option, I’m definitely looking into that. That sounds pretty convenient,” said Lloyd Johnson.

Lyft is offering a $5 off code to any ride taken between 8 a.m. on New Year’s Eve through 4 a.m. on January 4. The offer code is “NYEPLAN18”.

Uber has a promotion for first time users. Users can use the code "MILLERTIME18" to get up to $15 off their first ride.

“It’s a good option, rather than driving home drunk or anything like that,” Howkins said. “Make sure we’ll be getting home safe, that’s for sure.”

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