Residents of damaged San Marcos apartments allowed in to gather belongings


On Saturday, crews started allowing some people back inside of the less-damaged apartment units that burned in San Marcos Friday.

Residents at Iconic Village Apartments and Vintage Pads Apartments, whose buildings only had minor damage, were allowed 30 minutes to go back inside and gather their belongings.

“It's been so surreal, and crazy and it feels like a dream,” said Bobbi Yonoviak who was displaced from her apartment at Iconic Village Friday morning.

She and at least 200 other residents are now having to find new living arrangements.

“I'm blessed that my apartment and my belongings and my things are still okay,” Yonoviak said.

Like other residents who were allowed back on the property, Yanoviak braved the heat Saturday with only half and hour to grab her what she could salvage.

She still considers herself lucky. Her apartment only suffered smoke damage.

“I was able to get most of my clothes, some of my shoes, my work uniform, and I have my laptop,” Yanoviak said.

Garrison Lancaster wasn’t as fortunate. His building was completely gutted and destroyed. He lost everything he owned.

“It's everything I had. It's pretty messed up, and it sucks,” Lancaster said.

Volunteers set up down the street from the burned apartments to hand out donated clothes from a local business.

“I gathered these clothes yesterday from the laundry mat,” said Adrian Perez. “I kind of feel like victims need it most right now than anything else.”

Fire crews were still on scene investigating. They say unstable conditions and dangerous hot spots kept them from entering the most badly damaged apartments.

Saturday, five people still remained unaccounted for. Search and rescue efforts are expected to start Sunday.

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