Racist Easter eggs found in West Austin lawns Sunday morning

Some families in a west Austin neighborhood woke up to find Easter eggs filled with discriminatory information in their front yards on Sunday morning. (Photo: CBS Austin)

Families in West Austin woke up to Easter eggs filled with what neighbors call discriminatory information in their front yard Sunday morning.

The eggs seemed to be thrown sporadically, but according to social media, around a dozen people report finding them.

Neighbor and mom Kathryn Findlen said her young daughter found a pink egg and hoped it was filled with candy.

"Instinctively since, she is 9, she ran to pick it up," said Findlen.

A sticker on the outside warned the egg is for adults only. It also reads "celebrating white culture."

"I am horrified that this exists in our world,” said Findlen. “I am further horrified that this exists in Austin and that this was dropped off in a lawn in front of our house."

The inside contents included advertisements for podcasts and other websites that promote discriminatory content. The pamphlet also has call to "secure the future for white children."

"Well, I’m offended,” said neighbor and dad of three Brad Sprague when he saw the egg. “Especially for this neighborhood."

Sprague said topics like prejudice and racism have come up a lot in his household since the presidential election.

"It seems this has been enabled somewhat,” said Sprague. “When you see it show up here in your front yard, it’s upsetting!"

Austin Police say they have gotten at least one call about the Easter eggs and are looking into it.

Still, neighbors say it is concerning when someone uses the dark of night to promote racist literature.

"There is no place for hate in my home, in my circle of friends, in my neighborhood,” said Findlen. “And I would hope there is no place for hate in our city."

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