Eight arrested during white lives matter protest at the capitol

Texas state troopers in riot gear kept clashing protesters away from each other at the State Capitol in Austin, Texas, Saturday, Nov. 19, 2016. (KEYE)

AUSTIN, Texas (KEYE) - Eight people are facing charges tonight following another day of protests at the Capitol. This comes just one week after a round of arrests at a Donald Trump protest.

The demonstration started Saturday morning during the unveiling of the Texas African American History monument.

While the memorial was being unveiled on the capitol lawn several dozen white lives matter members showed up to protest hate crime laws.

“Really what we are here today for is to protest against unequal application of hate crime laws,” said Scott Lacy.

Members of the white live matter group held signs that read “Hate crimes for one, hate crimes for all, equal justice under the law.”

Hundreds of counter protestors then showed up in opposition of that group. They chanted "Nazis get out, Nazis get out!"

Members of the white lives matter group told CBS Austin they didn't realize their demonstration was happening the same day the memorial was being unveiled.

“We planned this protest over a month ago. We did not find out about the monument until a week ago when we asked if we needed a permit. We did not know. Total coincidence,” a protestor said.

Scott Lacy said the group was protesting hate crime laws they say favor minorities.

“In Texas about 68 percent of all crimes that have been labeled hate crimes, whites are the ones being charged for them,” Lacy said.

The hundreds of counter protestors who showed up to tried to drown out their message.

“I think that anytime a presence like this is showing up chanting ‘white lives matter’ no matter what they say, their message is rooted in hate and we need to be here to oppose that hate,” said Joey Hood.

Dozens of state troopers moved in with shields and riot gear, trying to keep the two groups separated and neither side was happy about it.

White lives matter members yelled, “This is ridiculous that you're pushing us back and allowing them to surround us!”

Counter protestors then started chanting, “Who protects the Nazis? pigs do, pigs do!"

DPS confirmed eight people were arrested during the protest on Capitol grounds and on adjacent streets.

Four people were arrested on assault charges, the other charges range from disorderly conduct to evading arrest and interference with public duty.

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