Poll: Majority of Austin voters support required paid sick time from private employers

(MGN Online)

A survey conduction by Public Policy Polling found a large majority of voters in Austin support requiring private employers to provide their employees an opportunity to earn paid sick time.

According to the survey, 63% of the 600 people surveyed supported the idea, with 19% opposing.

The poll shows that of those asked, 65% of women, 59% of men, and 85% of those who identify as "very liberal" support the sick time requirement.

Other findings from the poll include that 69% of voters who identify as "very liberal" are much more likely to support a candidate that supports a proposed earned paid sick time ordinance.

The poll also found that President Donald Trump is unpopular in Austin, with only 28% of voters approving of his job performance, with 64% saying they disapprove.

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