Police searching for man wanted for assaulting girlfriend, daughter

Photo: Pixabay

SAN ANTONIO - San Antonio police are searching for Felix Andrew Vera, 31, after injuring his girlfriend and a baby.

According to an affidavit, Vera and his girlfriend were arguing when he began to choke her. As Vera choked the victim, 32, she fell back.

She was holding her eight-month-old child at the time, who hit her head on a counter and began to cry. Vera tossed the child on the floor and began to hit his girlfriend continuously in the face.

The affidavit said police could not find Vera when they arrived on scene, but were told he had been staying at his mothers house the entire week. Her house was searched as well, but they were unable to find him there.

Police are still searching for Vera, who is wanted for Assault-family-choking/strangulation.

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