Police believe King Jay Davila to be deceased, arrest three family members

    King Jay Davila (SBG Photo)

    SAN ANTONIO - Three family members have been charged in the case of missing baby King Jay Davila, who police say they believe to be deceased.

    "This was a staged kidnapping meant to cover up foul play," San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said. "We have statements from multiple witnesses that unfortunately, lead us to believe King Jay is deceased."

    Thursday, police arrested father Chris Davila again, and King Jay Davila's paternal grandmother Beatrice.

    Those two, along with Angie Torres have been charged with tampering with evidence in the case.

    Police say Beatrice, was the person who drove Torres to the gas station last Friday night to pick up the car, which allegedly had King Jay inside.

    SAPD says Torres described the route her and Beatrice took to dispose of the car seat and she had learned from Beatrice that Christopher had severely injured King Jay.

    "We're still actively looking for King Jay," McManus said. "We want to find him because we see justice for him."

    Officials say they have locations to search, but they can not disclose them at this time.

    McManus also said the investigation is still unraveling, and advise anyone with information to come forward, immediately.

    "These arrests do not signal the completion of the investigation and we will not be satisfied until we have located King Jay," McManus said. "Our focus will remain on finding him and I will again tell anyone who has information that you're time is running out.

    "Come forward and talk to us if you have information about his whereabouts or what happened to him. If you've already lied to us, then, we're going to charge you too."

    We spoke with King Jay's mother, Jasmine Gonzalez, who police say they are still investigating.

    “For them to come clean and say what they know,” Gonzalez said. “This is my baby, why did they hurt my baby boy for what reason, he was [a] happy boy, a lovable baby. I beg them to please open up and tell the detectives where my son is so they can bring my baby boy home.”


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