Police identify man arrested after firing 100 shots in Pflugerville apartment complex

deluna mug.png

On Wednesday night a man fired more than 50 shots at a Pflugerville apartment complex. Some residents were evacuated or force to shelter in their apartment until police were able to locate and detain the suspect early Thursday morning.

That man has been identified as David Deluna, 31, according to Pflugerville Police.

The incident took place on Wednesday, August 8, starting just after 11 p.m. at the Highlands Luxury Apartments on Heatherwilde Blvd.

Police say they received the initial call just after 11 p.m. When they arrived on scene Deluna was still shooting.

They estimate he fired more than 50 shots, some of which went through neighboring apartments and the exterior of the building.

Police arrived at the scene and found Deluna still in his apartment. Before police entered his apartment, they heard glass break as Deluna jumped out of the window.

Inside, police found multiple weapons and more than 100 cartridge casings from more than one caliber within the apartment.

Police say he is being treated for minor, non-life threatening, self-inflicted injuries. Police estimate he fired between 125 and 128 rounds at neighboring apartments.

There were no other serious injuries reported.

Some residents have been temporarily relocated while police process the crime scene. They were allowed to access their apartment to get their things.

Deluna was charged with six felonies -- four counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and two counts of deadly conduct for firing into two different apartments.

Police say the investigation is on going.

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