PHOTOS: Houston child has adorable Whataburger photoshoot to celebrate first birthday

(Photos courtesy of Sweet Hazel Photography)

Instead of a traditional cake smash photoshoot, the parents of one Houston child had a creative -- and frankly adorable -- "Whataburger smash" photoshoot to celebrate his first birthday.

His mother Josephine Macias took to Facebook to share the photos. Her son Miguel is seen sporting an orange tie, suspenders and a sign with the number "1" made to look like a Whataburger tent -- all while enjoying some chicken tenders, fries and a Whataburger.

She said while mulling over what kind of theme they wanted to do for the photoshoot with her husband, her son kept grabbing at her Whataburger meal. That's when they came up with the idea.

"My husband came up with the idea because I was talking about it. Then while we were eating some whataburger my son kept grabbing my food and eating it so He was like hey, we should do a whataburger shoot," she said.

Josephine said they called their normal photographer with Sweet Hazel Photography to take the pictures. It's safe the say the photoshoot was a success!

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