Oracle's 40-acre SE Austin campus near completion

Construction is almost complete at Oracle's new 40-acre campus off Ladybird Lake in East Austin. (CBS Austin)

Construction is almost complete at Oracle's new 40-acre campus off Ladybird Lake in Southeast Austin. The site offers amenities designed to compete with those of Facebook and Google. Thursday, CBS Austin got an exclusive tour of the property -- where some employees are already living.

The Oracle campus is still buzzing with construction, but come January employees will get to work. With room for 2,600 people, the site off South Lakeshore Boulevard will be the software giant's newest hub for cloud sales.

"These people are sales. They are support people. There's to a lesser degree research going on, but it's all enabling Oracle's move to the cloud," says Lindsay Pomeroy, senior director for America's Real Estate.

However, don't be fooled into thinking the two-wing, 560,000 square foot building is your typical office building.

"We're going to create outdoor play fields here. We're going to have beach volleyball. We're going to have basketball, volleyball," says Pomeroy.

Designed specifically to attract millennials, the campus will have coffee bars, a cafeteria, restaurant, game rooms, a fitness center and a terrace the length of a football field overlooking downtown and Lady Bird Lake.

"A wide variety of choices for the people to both recreate and get some serious business done," explains Pomeroy.

On-site, a 295-unit multi-family apartment building offers employees a place to live. It's already 100 percent leased.

"We wanted to really find a location that could play into that 'live-work-play' environment," he says.

The current construction project is just phase one. The site's zoning allows the campus to expand adding retail or even medical facilities.

"Future phases we'll just see what the top priorities are whether it's more office, multi-family or combinations of both," says Pomeroy.

With hiring waves expected in January and June, Oracle says this new hub is all about growth and this is the workspace needed to attract and retain Austin's top tech talent.

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