One week after church shooting, local parishioners state fear is not an option

CBS Austin

Here in Austin, the Sutherland Springs attack was on many people’s minds as they went to church Sunday morning, but just today we learned a woman showed up at the Bannock Burn Baptist Church Children’s Learning Center with both a child and a gun on Friday.

Officers say the woman threatened multiple people with a pink shotgun, including one man. The father told police she pointed the gun directly at him and his young daughter.

One church member who didn’t want to go on camera said it’s a situation that’s made her uneasy following the mass shooting in Sutherland Springs last Sunday.

The woman was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and is being held in the Travis County Jail on a $50,000 bond.

But at White Stone church, service went on as normal on Sunday. The pastor and church members said fear is not an option and it did not stop them from worshiping and honoring the 26 people who died.

"Coming into today's service, we wanted to honor them and support them knowing that they will continue no matter what the circumstances,” White Stone Church Pastor Kenneth Corbin said.

However, new safety measures are in place, like keeping doors locked at certain times and only letting members in through certain points.

"If we ever think we can be laid back and nothing's ever going to happen, then we're wrong. We have to expect it,” Church member Willie Richards said.

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