Suspect killed in officer-involved shooting in Northeast Austin


Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo confirms an Hispanic man died Monday morning after being shot by an officer.

Chief Acevedo says the unidentified man reportedly had a fight with his girlfriend and police responded to a disturbance call at 8:49 am at the San Paloma Apartments in the 12500 block of Tech Ridge Blvd.

When police officers arrived they say the man was holding a high-powered rifle and would not respond to repeated commands to put the weapon down.

Chief Acevedo says it does not appear the man fired his rifle and says he does not know if the weapon was loaded.

Dontae Easley, who has lived at the complex for three years, said he did not see the suspect, but other residents describe seeing a person firing a rifle in the complex. Shortly after that, Easley said an Austin police officer gave chase.

"I saw an officer breathing hard running through the apartments with a pistol," said Easley. "

He says the Northeast Austin apartment complex is normally quiet and can't believe he woke up to the sound of gunfire on Labor Day.

"I heard pow, then pow, pow, pow," said Easley. "I couldn't believe it."

Witnesses CBS Austin talked to say they heard police speaking to the suspect and could make out statements asking him to "put it down."

Two Austin police officers fired at the suspect. He was pronounced dead at 9:36 am. Several officers performed CPR on the suspect at the scene.

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