San Saba community rallies to rebuild after storm strikes Richland Springs

CBS Austin

Community members rallied around to help rebuild and clean up Richland Springs in San Saba County after straight line winds and softball sized hail killed livestock, uprooted trees, and battered homes.

Many people say they were not prepared when the storm hit.

"I grabbed something to keep from falling over,” said Ginger Skelton. She say she only had seconds to take cover.

Her daughter, Laura Garcia, who lives about 30 miles north says it hit her community in Brownwood first. She tried to warn her mother about the storm moving Southwest to Richland Springs, but she says she didn’t have enough time.

"Our electricity was out, and I wanted to make sure she wasn't in the middle of the storm, but I couldn't call, so I just had to pray and wait,” said Garcia.

Captain Ricky Parham with the Richland Springs Volunteer Fire Department says the 80-85 mile per hour winds and softball sized hail damaged nearly every home across town.

"It actually was so much hail, it was up to foot and a half deep in hail alone. It was solid white throughout the town,” Parham said.

But on Saturday, everyone got to work to help rebuild, repair, and handout water and supplies to residents in need.

"I think this is a good setting for the rest of the world to see how we come together in Texas. We pull together to help each other,” Parham said.

No one was hurt.

Power was restored across town around noon Saturday.

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