Now three location options for possible MLS stadium in Austin

There are now three options for a possible new major league soccer stadium in Austin including Roy Guerrero Park. (Photo: CBS Austin)

There are now three options for a possible new major league soccer stadium in Austin.

The ball is in Precourt Sports Ventures court, or field, when it comes to a location for a possible MLS stadium in Austin. The city of Austin gave them eight options, and the company has narrowed that to three.

“They’re all three, generally centrally located, easily accessible to lots of Austinites,” Precourt Sports Ventures attorney Richard Suttle said.

The three locations are the “Toomey location” near the Zach Theater, Roy Guerrero Metro Park and a field southeast of Braker and Burnet Rd.

That means locations like the Expo Center and the Home Depot off I-35 are off the list. Suttle said it’s because those spots aren’t as centrally located.

Of the three, Suttle said the Toomey location is still their favorite.

“Checks all the boxes,” Suttle said.

Suttle said now they’re going to study each location thoroughly. They’re bringing in engineers, architects, traffic engineers and parking planners to see how it would affect neighbors and nearby businesses.

“We got to study the traffic patterns, the parking patterns, the noise, the light, the sound because it’s paramount that this not be an imposition on the neighbors and the businesses around it,” Suttle said.

Some neighbors don’t like the idea of a new stadium. Hedda Elias lives in a house overlooking the Roy Guerrero park. She loves using the park and taking the nearby trails.

“If there’s a huge stadium there I mean that’s a whole different story I don’t think we could actually use our park,” Elias said.

Elias said she’s worried about the added traffic to their quiet neighborhood. She also doesn’t like the prospect of rising property taxes with a new stadium nearby.

“It is a scary thought to me because it would completely change how my family and I live in this spot right here,” Elias said.

Suttle said Precourt Sports Ventures probably won’t pick a single location for the city of Austin, but will rank a series of them. He also said he’s confident the Columbus Crew will be coming to Austin.

“My opinion is if we find the right site, this team will be playing here in 2019,” Suttle said.

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