Not everyone who heard ACL's music wanted to

Over 100 bands played eight stages for the Austin City Limits Music Festival. (CBS Austin)

Over 100 bands played eight stages for the Austin City Limits Music Festival. But not everyone who heard the songs, actually wanted to.

According to 311, ACL got 44 loud commercial music complaints during its second weekend. There were 21 similar noise complaints during its first weekend.

The good news for those who called 311 is that it's tear down time at Zilker Park. The eight stages where the bands played the past two weekends are coming down and for some people it couldn't happen soon enough.

One 311 complaint read, "The thump, thump noise coming up the hill from ACL festival is rattling our windows."

Another 311 complaint stated, "ACL is driving me nuts. Thump, thump, thump. Shut it down."

"I think the bass frequency tends to travel a little bit more," said Thuan Nguyen, who lives a mile and a half from Zilker Park. "If it was that harder music or some of the tougher beats then I could hear it."

Experts say if you combine the right genre of music with strong winds and high humidity, the songs can drift for miles. Which isn't a bad thing for Nguyen who has attended ACL in the past.

"I thought it was kind of cool that I got to hear a little bit of ACL from my condo," said Nguyen.

Late Monday afternoon the City of Austin's noise enforcement division said many of the complaints had to do with one band playing Sunday evening that had its bass cranked way up. Once that issue was resolved the complaints eased up.

The total number of ACL noise complaints in 2016 was down significantly from 2015. There were 95 complaints of loud music originating from Zilker Park during ACL last year and 65 this year.

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