No flyovers yet but new bridge coming in 2019 for project at 183/I-35

    No flyovers yet, but a new bridge is coming in 2019 for the Hwy 183 and I-35 construction project. (CBS Austin)

    No flyovers yet, but a new bridge is coming in 2019 for the Hwy 183 and I-35 construction project.

    TxDOT is continuing work on its “183 flyover” project at I-35 and 183. It’s set to build three new flyovers and rebuild the existing flyover connecting northbound I-35 to northbound 183.

    Currently, TxDOT’s Diann Hodges said they’re mainly working on relocating utilities, which is causing some traffic shifts. "We are in a very active construction zone right now,” Hodges said.

    Hodges said they’re set to constrict lanes on the northbound 183 frontage road between Cameron Rd. and I-35.

    They’re also set to close the U-turn from southbound I-35 to northbound I-35 at 290 E. "There's actually a man-hole that's in that U-turn area that they've got to be able to get into,” Hodges said.

    The main thing drivers will need to look forward to in 2019 is the demolition of the St. John’s bridge. "We're going to rebuild it and it's going to be higher and wider,” Hodges said.

    Hodges said they’re going to wait until after school is out in June and then demolish the existing bridge. The future turnaround bridge will be built which will give drivers another way to cross over I-35. When that demolition happens, Hodges said they’ll shut down the interstate.

    While columns are going up, Hodges said they will not finish any of the three flyovers in 2019. However, once those are done she said they’ll start work on the existing flyover to northbound 183.

    She said they’ll rebuild it so it’s not as steep. "It's pretty steep and so if you get an 18-wheeler going up there they really slow down traffic,” Hodges said.

    Hodges said drivers should continue to be aware in the construction zone, because changes can happen overnight.

    That closure of the turnaround at 290 has been pushed back because of the rain. Jerry’s Artarama’s Mando Gonzalez said that closure could affect their customers. Especially because another closure has already limited access to their building. "The turnaround is problematic for our customers because there's no direct access to southbound I-35 now,” Gonzalez said. "We have to explain to our customers they have to take two side streets just to get down to a place where you can access I-35.”

    However, he said it’ll just be a minor headache. He’s looking forward to any improvement the project will bring. "I think we're going to get a lot of calls about how to do it, but we'll work with it,” Gonzalez said.

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