National organization threatens to pull conferences out of Texas because of bathroom bill

(PHOTO: CBS Austin)

A national organization is threatening to move their conferences out of Texas because of two contentious policies they say are harmful and discriminatory.

This weekend, The American Association of Law Libraries is meeting at the Austin Convention Center for their 110th annual conference. However, organizers say it may be the last because of the proposed “bathroom bill” and new child adoption law.

"The association, AALL, has been in Texas three times in the past dozen or so years,” said incoming AALL President Greg Lambert. This year the conference drew 3,000 members to Austin.

As attendees look for ways to improve the legal industry, organizers have their eyes set on Texas policies they say could have big impacts down the road.

"Trans people, they want to go to the bathroom just like everybody else," Lambert said.

The proposed bathroom bill and a newly signed law that allows adoption agencies to bar certain people from adopting based on their religious beliefs and sexuality have drawn the attention of AALL.

"The anti-LGBTQ bills that have passed and the number of bills that are being discussed run counter to our diversity and inclusion policies," Lambert told CBS Austin.

Lambert says, for him, the legislation hurts on a personal level.

"I have a son, who's trans, and so this does affect me and then another number of members that do," Lambert said.

The bathroom bill has been named a priority issue for the upcoming special session. Supporters of the bill say it’s about keeping Texas women and children safe.

"There are a number of kids that are in the private school and public school areas that are trans, and this will affect them," Lambert said.

Other organizations, including Fortune 500 companies and the NFL have also said they may no longer do business in the State of Texas because of legislation like the bathroom.

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