National Night Out inside Austin's high-property-crime zip codes

    National Night Out is meant to help reduce crime by getting to know your neighbors. (CBS Austin)

    Tuesday, Austin residents took to the streets for National Night Out. The event is typically held in August around the country, but Texas neighborhoods host their block parties in October when the weather is cooler.

    The annual event is meant to help reduce crime by getting to know your neighbors. "We're seeing so much change in our neighborhood," says Hannah Linroth who has lived in Austin's Burleson/Parker neighborhood for 16 years.

    Tuesday night, Linroth hosted her 8th National Night Out block party. "When we first moved in ... the neighborhood was a little bit different. It has evolved," Linroth says. She explains, knowing the people around her has made the streets her children play on a safer place.

    "I love my neighborhood. We look out for each other. We have a very active watch group," she says.

    However, not all of 78741 has been able to keep criminal activity away.

    In 2015, the 78741 zip code made up of the East Riverside-Oltorf-Montopolis area was one of the top spots in the city where crime was reported. shows just how often some crimes were reported in that area.

    2015 # of incidents reported in 78741

    • Agg. assault- 76
    • Auto theft- 263
    • Burglary of residence-291
    • Rape/sex assault- 86
    • Robbery- 172
    • Theft- 1,466

    "We have a large number of students coming from out of town. They're not used to the big city living. They don't lock up their car. They leave items in their car which is easy access for criminals who want to grab anything and go," explains APD District Rep. Justin Cummings.

    Police say nights like National Night Out really do play an important role when it comes to keeping people and property safe.

    "Nothing is better for a community than a nosey neighbor," says APD Chief Art Acevedo.

    "National Night Out is a perfect example of getting out and knowing who is in the neighborhood. Any suspicious activity or any suspicious people that you see always call 911," says APD District Rep. Andre Black.

    Other Austin zip codes that saw a significant number of thefts, auto thefts, sexual assaults and burglaries in 2015 include 78753 -- that's the Rundberg area -- and 78701 which is downtown.

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