Much colder air on the way, wintery weather possible Friday

(CBS Austin)


Our weather will make a wild swing over the next 24 hours. The first of two cold fronts is moving through this morning bringing a 50% chance for scattered showers and a few non-severe t-storms through 9 AM. The rest of Thursday will be cloudy and dry.

This first front will also bring much drier air and a small drop to our temperatures. After starting the morning in the low 70s, temperatures will fall to the mid and upper 60s through the afternoon. It will be breezy/gusty at times with winds up to 25 MPH out of the northwest, but all in all, this afternoon will feel really nice compared to our recent high humidity.

The second cold front will arrive late tonight, bringing a much more substantial drop in temperatures. By Friday morning, air temperatures will be in the low to mid 30s with wind chill values between 20 and 25 degrees. The air behind this second front will be even drier That will play a role in our eventual winter weather chances on Friday afternoon.


As colder air filters in on Friday, moisture will be streaming into the mid levels of the atmosphere. By Friday afternoon, we have a low-end chance for a light wintery mix of sleet and perhaps some poorly formed snow flurries (otherwise known as graupel.) However, very dry air near the surface will limit where/how much of the wintery mix will fall.

I have an overall 30% chance for a few sleet pellets through Friday afternoon and early evening, favoring areas west of I-35 through the northern Hill Country. Whatever does fall to the surface won’t last long Air temperatures are expected to stay above freezing (35-40 degrees) through Friday leading to quick melting of any ice pellets/snow flurries. Still, it may be an interesting sight on your way home from work. No impact to travel/roads is expected whatsoever.


Friday will be the coldest day of the next 7 with a high of 39 in Austin. Clouds will stay locked in with a few light showers possible on Saturday, helping to insulate the cold air. Highs stay in the low 40s on Saturday.

By Sunday, winds switch back out of the southeast bringing a warmer airmass back into the state. We’ll climb to near 60 degrees with light showers possible to close out the weekend.


Rain will continue off and on through Tuesday morning as a weak cold front moves through. That should pave the way for the first sunny day in nearly two weeks by Wednesday afternoon.

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