More snakes slithering into Central Texas yards

More rain in the forecast could lead to more snakes in your yard. (CBS Austin)

More rain in the forecast could lead to more snakes in your yard.

Snake wrangler and conservationist Clay Moore said snakes are very active right now. "Probably about the last 2 weeks, the numbers have just skyrocketed," said Moore.

More said he has relocated eight snakes in the past four days alone.

He said the rain is partially to blame because it can draw the reptiles out of their habitats. It is also the season baby snakes are hatching.

Moore said many of his snake sighting calls have come from areas where there is a lot of construction or new development. "The snakes have nowhere to go and they start flooding into these neighborhoods," said Moore.

Moore expects to get more calls about removing snakes from people's property as the wet weather continues.

He said while some snakes are venomous, snakes in Central Texas have no intentions to hurt people. Avoid them or call an expert if you see one. "They're there for a purpose and it just so happens people stubble across them," said Moore.

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, if you want to keep snakes out of your yard, eliminate rock piles, brush piles, and any area that might make good shelter for snakes. Also, controlling insect and rodent populations in the area will help to discourage snakes by eliminating their food supply.

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