More Lakeway homeowners come forward with claims of trespassing by city workers

City of Lakeway employees accused of coming into homes without permission. (CBS Austin)

Julianne Autry is the third Lakeway homeowner to come forward claiming a city employee entered her home without permission.

Autry says last year, she was out of the state when a contractor was completing construction on her home.

The contractor called her saying a code enforcer with the City of Lakeway pulled up, demanding entry into the house to inspect for proper permits.

"They basically just walked right over him and walked right in, and there was nothing he could say that would sway them from entering or not entering," says Autry.

Autry says she received a noticed from the city two weeks later notifying her that she needed a permit for remodeling.

In the letter, the city includes pictures taken inside her home where the construction took place. "It says they observed my remodel, it did not say that they walked in my house or anything to that effect," says Autry.

Julianne Autry says she immediately notified the director of building and development.

Her email cited her concern that a city worker was in her home without her knowledge. "I mentioned that someone, two people walked in my house... they can see I have a daughter, a little girl's room and obviously that concerned me, and his response was basically I don't know why that would be a concern of yours," says Autry.

According to the City of Lakeway, officials weren't made aware of Autry's complaint, and the director of building and development has since resigned.

CBS Austin also spoke to a homeowner who shared surveillance footage of what appears to be a city employee walking into a home with the door open. The worker doesn't appear to identify himself until after entering.

"Literally just walked into our house unannounced without permission, didn't ring the doorbell, knock and started talking to the construction workers," says the homeowner who wishes to remain anonymous.

According to Chance Weldon, an attorney with the Texas Public Policy Foundation, this is a violation of the law. "In Texas, the right to be safe and secure in your home and in your possessions from unreasonable searches is a sacred and unalienable right," says Weldon.

Further, Weldon says contractors or construction workers inside the home don't have the authority to grant permission for entry. "At the end of the day that contractor only has rights to be in there in the kitchen working. He's not going to have rights to grant access to that entire house," says Weldon.

Representatives with the City of Lakeway tell CBS Austin they're investigating both Julianne Autry and Dan Hess' claims.

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