Michael Brown's father says newly released video is changing perspectives

PHOTO: New footage shows Michael Brown appearing to give the store clerks an item, which according to filmmaker Jason Pollock was a bag of marijuana, during a previous visit to the shop in Ferguson, Photo Date: 2014. (Courtesy: Stranger Fruit / MGN Online)

A new video of Michael Brown is sparking protests in Ferguson, Missouri. The video claims to discredit the idea that the teen robbed a store prior to his interaction with police in 2014.

The director of a new documentary about Browns' death, Jason Pollock, released the new surveillance video.

"It's just one of the most immoral things that's ever happened in our country and it needed to be dissected," said Pollock.

The video shows Brown entering the convenience store about 10 hours before the alleged robbery.

Pollock claims there was an exchange between Brown and the clerk. Brown gave the clerk weed and the clerk handed Brown a large box of cigarillos, according to Pollock. Brown then left the box with the clerk, who can be seen in the video stashing them behind the counter.

Pollock said Brown came back later that day to pick up the boxes he was owed, and did not rob the store.

Brown was shot and killed after an interaction with a Ferguson police officer.

"His life was taken for nothing," said Michael Brown, Michael Brown Jr.'s father. "That wasn't just my son, it was my best friend."

Monday, the prosecuting attorney said the video is not new to them and it did not play a part in the investigation.

Investigators previously stated that Brown was stopped by Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson for walking in the street, not on suspicion of robbery.

The attorney for the convenience store said the video was edited and did not show the full story.

Still, Pollock maintains the video of Brown walking into the convenience store the first time was purposefully not released by police to shape a negative public narrative of Brown.

"It makes me (angrier) that the situation was flipped and put in a place where he was demonized," said Brown.

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