Man & woman arrested for public lewdness at Austin restaurant

Lashanda Fisher and Jonathan Hightower and charged with Public Lewdness, a Class A misdemeanor. (Photos courtesy: Austin Police Department)

A man and woman were arrested late Saturday night after police said both were caught in a lewd act at a North Austin restaurant.

Austin police were called out to the Baby Acapulco restaurant, located at 13609 N IH35 service road northbound, after the restaurant manager advised two customers were engaged in a lewd act at a booth inside of the business while other customers were present.

A witness told officers she was eating inside the restaurant when she saw the woman, identified by police as Lashanda Fisher, giving oral sex to a man, identified as Jonathan Hightower. The woman said she saw Fisher's head bobbing up and down towards Hightower's groin for about five minutes. The witness also accurately described both Fisher and Hightower.

A second witness also gave police a more explicit account of what he saw. The second witness was also able to accurately describe both suspects. Both witnesses told police they were very offended by the act, especially because multiple children were present at the time.

Investigators also saw surveillance video inside the restaurant which showed the two suspects engaged in the lewd act.

A restaurant security officer advised police the two suspects left the scene were now at a nearby 7-Eleven gas station. The two were said to be in a blue Chevrolet Malibu and a silver Toyota. An officer made contact with the two and both admitted to having sat inside of the restaurant.

Fisher and Hightower were arrested and charged with Public Lewdness, a Class A misdemeanor.

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