Austin man arrested after allegedly shooting pregnant woman in the face

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An Austin man was arrested for allegedly shooting a pregnant woman in the face after she wouldn’t let him have sex with her.

It all started September 1st when a woman was approached by a man in a parking lot of a hotel.

The man introduced himself as Jeremy Petty and offered her $100 if she let him use her hotel room to use methamphetamine.

According to documents, the woman agreed and they checked in at the front desk of Austin Suites located at 8300 N. IH35.

The affidavit obtained by CBS Austin says that Petty provided his ID and used the hotel’s ATM machine to withdraw money.

Once inside the room, Petty snorted methamphetamine and eventually started becoming aggressive. At some point, the man attempted to have sex with her, documents say.

The woman, who according to police is five months pregnant, refused and asked Petty to leave. However, the man became upset and remarked he would be back.

Later that day, the woman exited her hotel room and was encountered by Petty.

Documents say that the man started demanding her his money back and became very upset until he took out a gun.

Petty eventually fire his gun, striking the victim on her cheek and jaw area, the affidavit says.

Petty fled the scene before police or EMS arrived.

The woman was transported to Dell Seton University Hospital where she was treated for a single gunshot wound in her cheek.

In the other hand, Petty was eventually identity from the photo ID he provided the hotel desk clerk and surveillance videos.

44-year-old Jeremy Petty now faces charge for aggravated asault wirh a deadly weapon, a second degree felony. His bond was set at $100,000.

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