Man accused of squeezing disabled patient's testicles, beating him with broom

(Photo: Bexar County Magistrate)

A man was accused Tuesday of beating his disabled patient with a broom and squeezing his testicles until he asked for mercy.

Pedro Ramirez, 52, was arrested for allegedly inflicting "serious mental and physical abuse" to his disabled client according to an arrest affidavit. Ramirez claimed he was the owner of a boarding home and the victim was his patient.

Police said a 41-year-old man with diagnosed Schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder was taking his dog out Sept. 5 when Ramirez allegedly yelled at him to come inside. An arrest affidavit indicates Ramirez pulled him in the laundry room, hit him with a broom and pressed the handle to the man's throat until his vision blurred and he couldn't breathe. The man told police he was in fear of his life the entire time.

After the encounter in the laundry room, Ramirez pulled him into the bedroom, struck him with a belt and squeezed his testicle's until he screamed for mercy according to an arrest affidavit. The man called police the next day. When authorities showed up him a photo of Ramirez he said, "yes that is Pete. That is the person who hurt me."

Ramirez faces a charge for injury to a disabled individual.

Four years ago officers were called to the same location because Ramirez said the man was "out of control."

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