Man accused of sexually assaulting Uber driver

Austin Police say 32-year-old Eric Alvarado sexually assaulted his Uber driver last week after she gave him a ride from downtown. (Photo: MGN Online)

A man is facing charges after police say he sexually assaulted his Uber driver last week.

Police say 32-year-old Eric Alvarado hailed an Uber early in the morning of August 27 to take him from 5th Street downtown to a hostel in the 2600 block of Guadalupe.

According to the victim, Alvarado got into the front seat of her car and began talking about how he had not had sex in a long time.

The victim also says Alvarado told her he had 10 beers and asked the driver if she was married.

After that, police say, Alvarado told the victim he had "something to show her" and exposed himself to her.

He also pulled her hand over to touch his penis, police say.

Court documents say that as they arrived at Alvarado's destination, he asked the victim to stay and have sex, but she refused.

Alvarado then allegedly got into the back seat of the car, before getting out an forceably kissing the victim. Police say he then got back into the passenger seat before sexually assaulting the woman and then going inside the hostel.

The victim told police she complied with Alvarado's demands because she was afraid of the consequences if she didn't comply, and told police she was "scared to death."

According to an affidavit, police obtained security footage showing the victim's vehicle pulling into the hostel's parking lot and a passenger getting in and out of the vehicle several times.

The manager of the hostel told police she knew Alvarado and provided police with his phone number, and the victim was able to pick him out of a photo line up..

Alvarado is charged with sexual assault, a 2nd degree felony. As of Tuesday afternoon, he is not yet in custody.

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