All four suspects from Downtown Austin assault of gay couple are in custody

    22-year-old Frank Macias has been booked into the Travis County Jail on two counts of aggravated assault and other out-of-County charges. His bond was collectively set at $300,000. (Photo: APD)

    AUSTIN, Texas (KEYE) - All four men accused of brutally attacking a gay couple last month in downtown Austin have been arrested.

    Frank Macias, Quinn O'Conner, Miguel Macias, and Kolby Monell have been booked into the Travis County Jail. Each are facing two counts of aggravated assault. Their bonds have been set at $150,000 for each charge, for a total of $300,000.

    The incident happened January 19 at approximately 2:30 a.m. when a group of men assaulted Tristian Perry and Spencer Deehring at the intersection of 3rd Street and Congress Avenue.

    According to the victims, they had just left Club Rain after celebrating a friend's birthday and as they were walking holding hands, a man approached them and called them "f------".

    The suspect began to insult them while at the same motioning other individuals to his location.

    When the victims saw that a group of men were approaching them, they walked away. However, the group began following them as they continued to hurl homophobic insults, the affidavit says.

    Tristan eventually began to verbally defend himself but one of the individuals, who was described as a muscular man with dirty blond hair that was shoulder length and who was shirtless, punched him.

    Tristan fell to the ground and that's when the entire group began punching him and kicking him, documents state.

    When Spencer tried to defend Tristan, the individuals began assaulting him.

    Both victims ended falling to the ground and were continuously assaulted until a witness intervened.

    Both of them had to then be transported to Dell Seton Hospital with serious injuries.

    Officials were able to get surveillance video of the incident and on January 23, officials received a tip that helped identify 22-year-old Frank Macias and another suspect.

    Police said they took this case seriously.

    "If there is one segment of our community that's being targeted by a group of suspects out there then it makes all segments of our community much more vulnerable," APD assistant chief Ely Reyes said.

    LGBTQ quality of life commission chair Victor Martinez said the arrests bring relief to the community.

    "I think everybody in the community shares that feeling, we are glad that the investigation yielded results and we look forward to having justice made," Martinez said.

    He also said some in the LGBTQ community have been anxious about going downtown after the assault. He said this arrest helps with that.

    "There's one less bigot out there on the streets who can harm us and that's a good thing," Martinez said earlier Tuesday when APD had only arrested one man.

    The owners of Rain, a LGBTQ bar on 4th Street, also held a press conference Tuesday afternoon.

    "We want to make this clear, our community will not stand by when one of us is threatened or assaulted," Rain manager John Scott Neal said.

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