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Making a Difference

CBS Austin This Morning anchor, Allison Miller, shows us how one Central Texas family is making a difference one meal at a time. Today, the Campbell family arrives at Meals on Wheels in Austin to package and deliver lunch to those in need. Mom, Shannon Campbell says, "We really like Meals on Wheels because we get to meet the people that we're serving and providing meals so they don't go hungry." It's just one of many volunteer activities they do through Little Helping Hands. Shannon likes that she can do this with her children saying, "I want my kids to have a sense of a part of the community, to put themselves in other people's shoes, and develop their sense of empathy." Her 14-year-old, Sarah, likes the direct impact Meals on Wheels has on her life, "It makes me have this warm feeling inside, makes me see the people that I'm helping and it will actually go to the people and I can actually see the change I'm making in the community." Even her 9-year-old brother, Carson, knows the importance of what they're doing, "to help people in our community to have regular meals to eat." It's not just about the chicken tacos this family is delivering today. Shannon says, "I think it's an integral part of being a community member and we all need to help each other, it makes us all feel good." Each month, the Campbell's look forward to making a difference.

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