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    Making a Difference

    Going back to school can be tough when you're trying to pay the bills and raise kids. CBS Austin's Allison Miller shows us how Austin Pathways and Capstone Title Company are making a difference, helping Austin residents get an education.

    Before help came along, Sayuri Byrd, mom of an 18-year-old boy and baby girl on the way, had a lot to think about, "Am I too old to go to school? Am I going to grasp the information that's being taught to me?." Through the Housing Authority of the City of Austin (HACA), she's is provided housing assistance to help her and her family live in this city. Austin Pathways is a program within HACA providing educational opportunites. Sayuri received scholarships to help pay for school on her road to independence. 'It's the right time for me to pursue my goals and teach my son and new baby that education is the right way to go."

    Without companies like Capstone Title, gifting time through mentoring and a hefty donation it wouldn't be possible. CEO Brad Compere says it feels amazing to a part of something like this . "A lot of us are privileged and we were given things. We were provided opportunities and some people didn't have the same opportunities." They want to share their success with our community.

    Sayuri will graduate in May of next year with help. Her motto: "Keep calm. God has your back." "When I've been faced with challenges, I get worked up. so I think of God and know that he has my back no matter what.

    Capstone Title's "Title" sponsorship of $10,000 will help several first-generation HACA residents register for school, help them grow, and break the cycle of poverty.

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