Loyola Lane set to close for a year at Hwy 183 starting Monday

A major construction closure is heading to Hwy 183 that could help drivers and back up homeowners nearby. (Photo: Regional Mobility Authority)

A major construction closure is heading to Hwy 183 that could help drivers and back up homeowners nearby.

Starting Monday, the Regional Mobility Authority will close Loyola Lane going through Hwy 183. The plan is to take out the traffic lights and block off Loyola traffic.

“This should actually help drivers on 183, they won’t have to stop at a traffic signal,” RMA’s Steve Pustelnyk said.

While it may help through-traffic, it will affect anyone taking Loyola lane at 183. That closure will last for around a year as crews work on the future toll road.

The plan is to eventually build a bridge over the toll road on Loyola ln. This spring traffic on the current 183 main lanes will be moved to the future feeder roads. Then crews will excavate under Loyola ln. to make room for the future toll road under the future Loyola bridge.

“It’s hard to excavate all this material and build a new bridge and still have traffic going across at the same time,” Pustlenyk said.

Any traffic wanting to cross 183 on Loyola can get on 183 and use the U-turns at MLK and Manor rd.

“We’ll have non signalized turnarounds at both of those locations,” Pustelnyk said.

Southbound traffic on 183 will also not be able to turn left onto eastbound Loyola. Pustelnyk said they’re already talking with Rodeo Austin about alternate routes.

In the first couple months, though, the west side of 183 will be closed off to Loyola traffic. That means no traffic on Loyola on the west side will be able to get on 183.

“Really shocking and really frustrating,” homeowner Trent Hester said.

Hester owns Bubble’z and Sudd’z Hauling and drives up and down 183 every day. He says this closure will really affect him.

“I’m up and down 183 all day, I’m working around in the area so it’s going to be frustrating for me,” Hester said.

Other homeowners nearby were also not happy. Some say their kids go to school across the highway on Loyola, and this will affect their bus routes.

AISD transportation said there are buses that will be affected, and they’re working on rerouting them.

The entire project is about 30-40 percent complete. This spring, traffic may be moved to the future feeder roads between Manor and Loyola.

Pustelnyk said one section of the toll road to Boggy Creek is set to open around the fall of 2019. The entire project is set to be done sometime in 2020.

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