Leander Boy Acts FAST To Save Grandma From Stroke

A Leander boy's quick thinking just may have saved his grandmother's life. The grandmother had just suffered a stroke and that's the time we all need to think fast.

Connor Morrow, 11, was playing video games when he got a call he couldn't understand from his grandmother in the next room. He tells us he put down the game to go check. Connor says, "I came in here and she was kind of slumped over in her chair and she couldn't speak at all."

Connor quickly called his mom who was at work and he called 9-1-1. It turned out Grandma was having a stroke, a and doctors say when that happens it's important to think fast-- F-A-S-T. Dr. Angel Pulido,, stroke medical director at St. David's Medical Center explains, "F is for face so look for facial drooping on one side. A is for arm, weakness on one side of the body. S is for speech, slurred speech, trouble talking, finding words. And T is for time."

As it turns out, time makes all the difference in treating a stroke. Dr. Pulido says, "The quicker people get to the hospital, the more options we have to try to reverse the stroke. So I encourage everyone to just call 9-1-1 when you see these symptoms."

Connor is glad he acted fast and so is his mom. Kristi Morrow says, "It's going to be a long haul but if it wasn't for Connor we may not even be on this haul which makes me very proud."

By Fred Cantu

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