15-year-old student armed with Airsoft gun arrested after triggering lockdown at Lanier HS

(CBS Austin)

A 15-year-old Austin ISD student is facing felony charges after police say he brought a non-lethal gun to Lanier High School Wednesday.

It forced a locked down at the school where the suspect is a student.

Antonio Cisneros, a sophomore at Lanier High School, was still feeling the shock Wednesday afternoon after he says the suspect pulled out the fake weapon in a bathroom and threatened him.

"He walked into the stall and walked right back out, took his gun out, and looked at us and asked if we wanted to die," Cisneros said.

His only thought was to make it out of danger. "We didn't say nothing," he said.

Cisneros said the suspect took off down the hallway after a teacher walked in.

"Shortly before 12 o'clock this afternoon, we were made aware of a disturbance inside the school," AISD Police Chief Ashley Gonzales said.

He said resource officers acted quickly, locked down the school, and start the hunt for the suspect who left campus on foot.

"The suspect was later located with the assistance of a K9 unit, the handler, and Austin Police Department," Gonzales said.

APD's Air One was also used in the search. About an hour later, officers found the student hiding behind a house with an Airsoft gun just south of the school near New Hampshire Dr. and Fair Field Dr.

"We take threats very seriously, especially when it's around a campus," Gonzales said. "So we will treat it likes it's a real thing, every time."

Though not a real gun, Cisneros said this situation is concerning for him. "I don't really know anything about guns or anything like that, so if I see any kind of gun I'm gonna think it's real, honestly," he said.

The lockdown was lifted and classes continued as normal once police arrested the student.

Police say the student could face felony charges of making a terroristic threat.

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