Lakeway preparing for rising Lake Travis

Lake Travis could get to 710 feet over the weekend. (CBS Austin)

With each passing day, Marcey Loader sees water from Lake Travis creep closer to her Lakeway home.

The lake has swallowed up her backyard, as well as her neighbors', which is something she has never seen happen.

"We never anticipated this. Two years ago, it came part of the way up the yard, and that was a shock, but nothing like this," Loader said.

Currently, Lake Travis is close to 705 feet, approaching historic numbers. The lake could get to 710 feet over the weekend.

According to Lakeway Police, four properties have already seen flooding.

Water continues to inch closer to several more, including Loader's, with some neighbors seeing their secondary homes on their property submerged.

"The neighbors who had lower secondary homes were moving things out, and we said this is not your normal scenario," Loader said.

Lakeway Police Chief Todd Radford says he has staff on standby, as they continue watching for rain and the rising lake levels.

"As those continue to rise, go up to that 705, 710 area, that allows us to do more planning for our coastline," Radford said.

Loader does not believe water will get to her home, because it is higher up than some of her neighbors' homes.

Her primary concern is her neighbors who had to leave.

"It's very eye-opening when you see everyone with their tarps and out in the rain. We were just dealing with, 'Oh my goodness, where did this come from,' to they're literally getting their belongings all in their truck and leaving."

Lakeway Police will also have crews ready to dispatch to surrounding areas in need of resources during flooding.

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