Kitten overload has Austin Pets Alive looking for foster families

So far this year, Austin Pets Alive has taken in more than fifteen hundred kittens. While "kitten season" should be slowing down now, instead APA says it is in desperate need of your help.Right now, the neonatal foster program of Austin pets alive is swamped."We've taken in more kittens this September than we did last September and it's showing no signs of slowing down yet," said Heather Compton. Heather Compton says with 150 kittens in foster, APA has run out of homes and foster moms.Beckie Shafer has fostered for five years."If you can provide the resources they can grow and be healthy and happy," Shafer said. Foster families take these kittens home for up to 8 weeks. They feed them as often as every two hours until the kittens weigh in at two pounds and can be adopted."They are a lot of fun, I love it," Shafer said."Fosters are very critical to our program. It is the very reason our program exists. Fosters know their kittens, they're able to market their kittens, and then we can use that information to get them adopted. Plus, it's just a much better environment for them to grow up in than living in these little cages for weeks on end," said Compton.Compton hopes that is what's ahead for these 50 kittens that are still at the center waiting. Until that happens, bottle feeders, those volunteers who donate time to feed the little guys, will keep at it.Shafer just hopes seeing the sweet faces will encourage others to step up and help however they can -- until kitten season is finally finished."We've made a lot of families happy.{} A lot of families have extra family members now so obviously it's working," Shafer said.

By Ericka Miller

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