'Killer Nurse' Genene Jones pleads 'not guilty' of murder in deaths of 5 children

Genene Jones arrives at the Bexar County Courthouse on December 7, 2017. (Photo: Sinclair Broadcast Group)

SAN ANTONIO - The infamous woman known as the "Killer Nurse" has pleaded 'not guilty' of murder in connection with the deaths of five young children.

"We are eager to take these cases to trial and hold Ms. Jones accountable for the callous murders of Joshua Sawyer, Rosemary Vega, Richard Ricky Nelson, Patrick Zavala, and Paul Villarreal,’ said District Attorney Nico LaHood.

Thursday, Genene jones, in a wheelchair with a medical mask over her face -- appeared in court. Jones was sentenced to 99 years in prison in 1984 for the murder of a Kerrville baby.

She has been accused of killing up to 60 babies from the late 70s to early 80s.

And before these 5 charges she now faces -- she was scheduled to be released from prison in march of 2018 because of a mandatory release law at the time of her conviction.

"She has been incarcerated for over 30 years, so that in it of itself, should tell you something about, probably about her state of mind,” said Defense Attorney Cornelius Cox.

Today the families of the 5 babies, clearly shaken by seeing jones in court Thursday, weren't ready to comment. LaHood says a plea deal is a possibility.

"At this point, it is kind of premature, talking about plea offers, at this point we just kind of have to do our due diligence, continue our research and represent our client,” said Cox.

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Genene Jones was extradited to San Antonio this week. She is currently serving part of a 99-year prison sentence for a 1984 conviction, but a law in effect when she was initially sentenced would allow her to be released in March of 2018.

Bexar County District Attorney Nico LaHood has previously spoken about keeping Jones in prison for her role in the deaths of children who were being treated at a Bexar County hospital in the 80s. Over the last several months, LaHood filed five new murder charges against Jones.

He has said Jones is suspected of killing up to 60 children, many of them infants, by injecting them with lethal drug doses, but she was only ever convicted of killing one baby and injuring another one in 1984.

On Thursday, Jones will have the opportunity to speak with her lawyer and submit her plea.


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